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Cotton Tree Holiday Park
Coolum Beach Holiday Park
It's not very often you get to see a wedding take place in a Holiday Park, however that's exactly what took place here at Coolum Beach Holiday Park in June.
We had a lovely young couple, Mel & Harry decided that Coolum Beach was the exact location they wanted to host their wedding. 
It was an absolutely magical day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Just goes to show that Holiday Parks are just not for camping in.
Coolum Beach Holiday Park
Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park
The Poetry, Pizza, Port and cheese Platter evening at Mudjimba was a load of fun.
Hugh and fellow entertainers regaled us with a variety of poems, stories, songs and yarns, whilst we enjoyed the sunny winter afternoon with yummy food and drinks.
One of the poems of the evening is below.
Thanks to Hugh for putting this on for us and YES I agree Caravanning life has got the lot.
Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park
Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park
Caravanner's Delight
"We're off to a caravan site again, it's really not that far.
We've packed the van, the kids and Gran - filled up the towing car.
The legs won't wind, the hitch lock's stuck, our tempers start to fray
We've too much stuff! We're overweight! We'll never get away!
We meant to start at half past six, to beat the queues and crush,
but never mind, it's only eight, who needs such haste and rush
With fingers crossed we ease away, who left the handbrake on?
The roads are blocked, the fog is thick, the nightmare's just begun.
We've reached the site - six hours went fast! The rain we just ignore.
The awning's split the dogs been sick we're by the loos - once more!
We're all hooked up, the water's on, a cup of tea all round?
The milk's gone off, the beds are damp, the pegs won't crack the ground.
The warden's like a dragon, the neighbour's straight from hell
The kids are fighting, Gran's got drunk, I've hurt my back as well.
But then.....                                                                                                              
We've got the barbecue set up, the rain, at last, has stopped.
Our friends are around, the meat is cooked, the bottle tops have popped
The site is great, the view unmatched, the sun it feels quite hot
We love our van, all cares are gone -  this life has got the lot!"
Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park
Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park
Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park
The popular Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park is being upgraded to ensure it remains a desirable destination for Sunshine Coast visitors.
Sunshine Coast Council is delivering a $3.8 million contemporary upgrade for this destination-of-choice for caravan and camping enthusiasts.
The industry trend for larger caravans, motorhomes and camping trailers requires larger sites and this new upgrade will deliver 60 larger sites, all with improved access, new amenities and improved connections to the beachside boardwalk.
The new improved facilities include new decking, an eating area, public amenities and managers building's a new camp kitchen and new landscaping.
Construction commenced on 1 July 2019 and is expected to be completed in early December prior to the Queensland Christmas school holidays (weather and site conditions permitting).
This project, along with the adjacent boardwalk renewal project, has been scheduled to occur outside of the peak summer tourism period.
The park will be closed during construction. To book a stay in a Sunshine Coast Holiday Park during this time, consider Dicky Beach, Maroochydore, Cotton Tree, Coolum Beach or Mudjimba.
The holiday park site is being redeveloped in keeping with the design of the Mooloolaba Placemaking Plan for the Mooloolaba foreshore.
This upgrade is one of many Mooloolaba infrastructure projects council is investing in to create a world-class destination for our residents and visitors to enjoy. Income generated from the Sunshine Coast Holiday Parks business unit will fund this project.

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Dog Friendly Parks
Coolum Beach Holiday Park and Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park continue to provide a dog friendly policy at their respective parks. Contact the park to make an application.
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